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The FSL Group has the capacity to work with your transportation program, whether it relates to motor carrier, parcel carrier, air freight or ocean imports and exports.

Are you shipping more dollars than freight? We can determine what rates you should be paying simply through an analysis of your recent shipping trends and transit times required by customers. Not only can we improve on your current system, but we will also save you money while doing it.

Is your current program straining your budget or hurting your customer relationships? We can assess your current situation and possibly reduce your expenditures, but we can also align you with the best carriers for both your company and your customer.

Do you have time to deal with the details of day-to-day operations? We can manage your transportation program no matter how large or small, from the largest issues to the minute details, allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Are you often finding yourself looking for the best carrier for a unique order that came out of nowhere? Let us help. We can seek the best combination of rate, carrier, and quality to get the freight out to the customer, when they need it "yesterday".

Would you like to find out if your current operations are the best it could be? We can analyze your entire transportation model and report our findings, as well as offer our recommendations for improvement if we feel improvement is possible.

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