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Regardless of mode, FSL can provide measures to save you from paying more than you should, and capture and store the data for you, allowing you secured access to it at all times, meanwhile reducing administrative costs and providing more pertinent data.

Do you understand how to read a freight invoice and a tariff? How about the confusion of determining the cost of your small parcels with all the add-on charges? We do – and will ensure you will only pay according to the terms you have agreed to with a carrier. We can save you both time and money by taking your pre-determined rates and using our state-of-the-art system to manage this process for you, leaving you with a sense of security that you are paying for what you agreed to pay.

Did you know you are able to recover overcharges from a carrier? You can, and we can make it easy for you. We can take your most recent freight bills and help you recoup overcharges from carriers and secure funds that you could allocate elsewhere.

Do you know your true transportation cost and is it allocated properly? We are able to gather all of this information for you and store it in a secure database and run it for you in a usable format. This data is safe and continually updated so you can track past shipments in real time.

Do you need to prepare data in regard to your shipment history? We can create unlimited reports for you, or give you the access to design your own at your leisure. These reports can be as detailed as you require, and can be easily in your hands within minutes.

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